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From early on I liked candles, whether it was for live shows, recording, writing songs, or in my private time. Regardless, candles have always been important and dear to me.

I am not sure why it started out that way. It is more than just an association of healing, or the power to heal, nevertheless, the fire and its effervescence is something unpredictable, something wholly organic. There is this sense that it gives us that something extra, the unknowable, that feeling of something important which is always mysteriously intangible. Without realizing it, the associations and references have been imbedded into my consciousness.

— Inoran

Jack in the Box 2008

Kiyonobu Inoue/Shinobu Inoue/Inoran
DOB: 9/29/1970
Bands: Luna Sea, Tourbillon, Fake?, M*A*S*S